Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bus Hostess Shumaila

A woman of Determination…Bus Hostess Shumaila

Working women always face criticism in our so called civilized society and this criticism usually increase when the lady worker is in her twenties.

Shumaila is also one of such working women who face many problems and criticism during her job as she is working in Daewoo Bus Service since June, 2009, as bus hostess.

Long height, fair color, kind nature and excellent talking style, Shumaila was born on October 25, 1989, in a middle class family of Hirabad, Hyderabad.

She completed her intermediate with flying colors and wanted to continue her studies but financial constraints compelled her to search job which can offer a handsome salary package because she has to support six sisters and her father is the only bread earner.

Being eldest daughter, she decided to support her father. As she did not have high education, so she did not get the traditional type of job in some formal institute, furthermore most of them were not offering her a good salary.

She tried in Daewoo Bus Service and got a job. While working at Daewoo, she faced a storm of criticism from her family and friends but she ignored all this and continued as bus hostess.

She says that: “I m satisfied with this job, because at the end of the month I get enough money which helps my family to solve many problems, secondly due to this job my medical and transport is free and during job, meal is also provided by the company”.

It is generally believed that working women face very vulgar and weird behavior from clients but Shumaila says she has different experience. “Our management is very cooperative and if any person tries to under estimate employees, we face all this boldly and confidently.”

Shumaila says that “It is 12 hours job and usually we have two shifts a day and after one day’s job, the second day is off, so it is easy to continue this job and now I want to get admission in BCS at Government College and intend to complete my education. Apart from all that, whenever I will get better job with handsome salary package, no doubt I will prefer that one.”

Transport sector is considered very rough and tough, but according to Shumaila’s experience it is very easy job and no higher education certificates are required.

Everyone says that it is not a respectful job for a woman. Not only clients, but other people also do not take this a respectful profession.

After completing her BCS, she would try to get some better job which is very hard but not impossible.- By Rabia Alvi

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