Sunday, April 4, 2010

Muhammad Qasim Maka

Muhammad Qasim Maka has multi dimensional personality. He is a poet, social worker and musician.

Mohammad Qasim Maka was born on 3rd May, 1953 at village Maka Lakhi Ghulam Shah, Shikarpur. He completed his early education from his village and did matriculation from Government High School.

Moving ahead in life, he passed Intermediate from Sachal College Hyderabad in 1972 with flying colors by securing first position and proved himself as best student of college.

1n 1978, he did masters in social work from University of Sindh. He also stood first in it.

Mohammad Qasim Maka worked in radio, television and played active role to protect folk music of Sindh. Presently, he is working as director Institute of Sindhology.

Q: How music inspired you?

A: My soul relationship with music began in my childhood and I always liked to hear kalam of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai at his mausoleum along with my parents. Sufism of Sindh inspired me towards music.

Q: Which type of singers you used to listen in your childhood?

A: I used to listen folk music of many singers but Sohna Khan Baloch, Master Chander, Baghat Kanwar Ram, Mai Jewrri, and Ustad Khan Mohammad are my favorites during childhood.

Q: Among classical poetry and music, who played a vital role to protect Sindhi culture?

A: Folk music played a vital role to protect Sindhi culture.

Q: Would you like to share any memorable day of your life?

A: There are many but when I was selected as announcer at Radio Pakistan in 1971, I can not forget that day because it was my first step towards success.

Q: Tell me something about Rang Manch?

A: After KTN was launched as first private Sindhi channel, I found an opportunity to introduce a different type of program that could protect folk music of Sindhi language and then I started Rang Manch.

Q: How many audio and video cassettes have you released in Sindhi music?

A: More than one thousand audio and video cassettes have been introduced in market and this spiritual music got a positive feed back from audiences.

Q: What role Institute of Sindhology plays in promotion of Sindhi culture?

A: Institute had always and will keep safeguarding the culture of Sindh. It is and it will always transfer the culture to next generations.

Q: What Sindhi people should do for the development of their culture and language?

A: They should support their culture by wearing Sindhi dresses, reading Sindhi litereture and should have domestic systems according to Sindhi culture.

Q: What do you say about the Shah Jo Risalo?

A: Shah jo Risalo is back bone of Sindhi language and has a message for humanity. If one could read and act according to it then one would not harm others and vice versa.


  1. Mohammad Qasim Maka is an ideal perssonality in mylife really I have no words to express my feelings that how he work hard for Sindhology & culture. He is one of those persons who keep Sindhi Culture alive.Long Life Maka & Family. Mohammad Siddique Dholio Alias Moar Thatta Sindh.

  2. He is a brilliant musician. his music prgms are very nice. I honestly saying no one yet became able to do like his progms

  3. Outstanding,selfless efforts forSindhi music.