Sunday, April 4, 2010

Professor Muhammad Rafique Dhanani

Professor Muhammad Rafique Dhanani is Chairman Department of Geography, University of Sindh, He did his M.Sc in Geography from Karachi University in 1976.

Q: What was your second choice of career after teaching?

Ans: I am fully satisfied with this profession of teaching because it is a sacred profession. If I were not a teacher I would had preferred to be a representative of our country in any foreign country. I was fond of location and culture of different countries and to see those countries, therefore, wanted to choose the profession of a diplomat.

Q: After taking charge as chairman, what changes you have brought in the Department?

Ans: Due to limited resources a computer lab was established in 1997 with two or three computers. Now that number has increased up to 14. The department building is old there is less space as the numbers of students are increasing. Priority is given to renovate and expand the department building to solve the problem of space.

Q: Will you tell our readers about the scope of Geography?

Ans: Geography is a multi-disciplinary subject in which knowledge of Physics, Chemistry, Agriculture and Demography is combined. While Geographic Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) are the latest addition. So student can easily choose any career after specializing in any of these fields. Whatever and wherever any thing happens in the world, people from different backgrounds want to know from geographers about location and reasons as well as solutions.

Q: What are your major achievements in life?

Ans: I have achieved the status as dreamed by my father. He used to discuss about my studies and future occupation with his friends. One of his friends advised him that your son must study geography which is related to planning. I opted to study Geography at Dhaka University in 1969.

Q: As a chairman, what are your plans about up lift of department?

Ans: I want to expand the building and facilitate the students in researches because there is need of research in this department. As I believe that no development or progress can be made without research in any field. There are many examples around the world if we look at the developed nations

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