Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rauf Chandio

Journalism has a great power: Rauf Chandio

Abdul Rauf Chandio born on Feb 1st, 1978 at a Village Bhanbho Khan Chandio, Taluka Meero Khan, district Larkana. He got his early education from Larkana. In 2005 and got masters degree in Sociology from University of Sindh. He is serving in field of Journalism since 1995.

Today, he is a famous and reputed personality of Sindhi Media. He has experience of electronic and print media. He is presently working as Director News of Mehran TV.

Q: When did you start journalism?

A: My interest in journalism developed in 10th standard and I started my career as a reporter in Daily Kawish. Then I worked as a sub editor in various Sindhi newspapers like Halchal, Tameer e Sindh, Khabroon and Shaam. Later, I was appointed as Bureau Chief of Sindh TV Hyderabad.

Q: According to you, what are the responsibilities of a good Director News?

A: As print Media has chief editors of newspapers, similarly electronic media has Director News for their channels. He is responsible to verify news carefully and chooses the news according to its importance.

Q: Why did you choose journalism as profession?

A: Journalism has a great power of expressing any issue without fear, so I also wanted to use my intellect in this field and make this as my power.

Q: How much Sindhi media has covered Sindhi culture and language?

A: No doubt Sindhi media has put a new soul in Sindhi culture but at the same time Sindhi media is also copying other culture which is degrading our real culture. The ideas used for marketing are copied from western or Indian culture but I think now is time when people are fed up and should protest against such trends.

Q: Journalism is devotion and worship, do you agree?

A: Yes I agree. It is a holy profession but as every pond contains some bad fish that harms the ecosystem of pond, same case is here, some harmful fish in the sea of journalism that had bad named to this profession.

Q: What aspects should media concern about coverage?

A: Media should keep follow these basic steps of coverage like it should investigate issues from its all angles and the most important thing to keep in mind is 5Ws 1H formula.

Q: Why Sindhi media is less developed than Urdu and English?

A: In fact, Sindhi media is not backward but problem is that it is considered as a regional media where as Urdu media is considered as national. But after all Sindhi media still has the same power of highlighting any issue.

Q: Nowadays media shows the live images of dead bodies after bomb blasts, earthquakes and other violent scenes which leave a bad impact on audience, what do u say about that?

A: Media should show whatever is happening in society but as far as these scenes are concerned, they leave a bad psychological impact on people so it should be stopped and government should also bound private media with these policies but they are not followed.
- By Wali Mohammad Bhatti

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