Thursday, July 2, 2009

Aijaz Hussain Mahar

Aijaz Hussain Mahar is Islamabad based journalist. He hails from Ghotki Sindh.

Father’s Name: Ghulam Hussain Mahar.

Date of Birth as per my father’s diary : 6th December 1968, village Kamil Mahar District Shikarpur..

Date of Birth as per my school record: 01st January 1969, village Aarab Mahar District Ghotki Sindh.

Aijaz is married and have four kids including two sons and two daughters.

He lived in Karachi from 1982 to 1994 and possesses a domicile of Karachi. He is settled in Islamabad since June 1994 to date.

He has worked hard in his life to continue his education and come a long way of hardships to present position. Apparently he is very harsh in his attitude and behaviour but very soft hearted, caring, loving and sensitive in his nature. He likes folk music. He always remained very curious to know.

Family Back Ground:
Aijaz Mahar belongs to middle class family. His forefathers were from Shikarpur and before barrage system introduced in Sindh, his family owns a well and sixteen acres of Agricultural land in Shikarpur before partition. His father was the only person in village who has done his graduation from Sukkur in Sixtees and later on joined government service and retired as Section Officer. Due to tribal feuds his family migrated from Shikarpur to Ghotki Sindh in 1969.

Education :
Aijaz has completed his middle education from Govt. middle school (then) Lakho Lanjari District Ghotki and done his matriculation from Sindh Madressha tul Islam School Karachi in 1984.

He has done his intermediate and graduation in commerce from Sindh Muslim (SM) Commerce College Karachi through Karachi University in 1988 and 1992 respectively.

Aijaz has passed his masters exam in International Relations from Shah Latif University Khairpur Sindh in the first division.

During his schooling he was associated with Democratic Student Federation and later on joined Jeay Sindh Student Federation for two years and associated himself with Sindh Sagar Student Federation from late 1995 to 1989.

He has joined journalism in mid 1989 and worked in different Sindhi and Urdu language newspapers in Karachi including daily Sindhi newspapers, Nao Sij, Al-Waheed, Kawish, and monthly Pireh. He also worked for Urdu language newspapers Intikhab and Nijat in Karachi.

Aijaz Mahar’s nick name was Baghi Mahar and he has joined journalism under his nick name until December 1992 when he resigned from Al-Waheed as News Editor. He has started to use his original name Aijaz Mahar when he joined a monthly magazine Pireh in the early 1993. He joined daily Kawish in early 1994 in Karachi as reporter and after five months he was transferred to Islamabad Bureau. He is considered to be the pioneer of the Sindhi Journalism/ Journalists in Islamabad.
At a time during his posting in Islamabad once Aijaz was writing for Sindhi, Urdu and English dailies simultaneously.

Aijaz Mahar was selected for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) as reporter in early March 2004 and work to date with BBC as the Chief Reporter.

He has written more than two three articles about political, social and humanitarian issues, which were published in different English, Urdu and Sindhi newspapers. Many people believe that he has also introduced a trend of information based analytical columns in Sindhi journalism.

He has covered several local and international Assignments including Nepal’s Maoist armed struggle when they participated in elections, which they won and formed a government later. He has also covered historical US presidential elections in which the first time black man Obama elected as the president. He has also covered 52nd UN general assembly session in New York. He has also travelled in India to prepare a series about Sindhi Hindus who migrated at the time of partition to know how they are now in India and how they are associated with their ancient culture, for BBC Urdu service?.

International Seminars/ Conferences:
He has participated in several international seminars and conferences held in Colombo (Srilanka), Alamatay (Kazakistan), London (United Kingdom) and Washington (USA).

Foreign Visits:
Aijaz Mahar is a frequent visitor and so far he has visited four times USA, five times UK, three times Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Russia, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Bahrain, Switzerland, Turkey, Afghanistan and Muscat.


  1. Hi i m very much impressed from Mr Aijaz Mahar after reading his profile. He is realy very hard working guy. He started from zero and now living lavish life. one must follow his footsteps in order to achieve in his / her life. one sentence which could explain him is "Aijaz rises from the ashes"

  2. Self made guy! Wish you good luck Moos

  3. We are proud of Aijaz Mahar
    Shoukat A.Sathio

  4. I am also impressed by Aijaz mahar columns on bbc urdu website. He had used good words, sentences in columns. He allways give facts and figures on every issue which reveals his background study and hard work to his work.

  5. yes i am also impressed,
    i proud of mr aijaz mahar,
    aijaz mahar is a social person,aijaz mahar is a good example for our rural community & specially sindhi comminities.
    my best wishes for aijaz mahar.
    Rasheed GUL 0345.3615689

  6. Aijaz mahar is my ideal person. Aijaz has completed his middle education from our village Govt. middle school (then) Lakho Lanjari District Ghotki.
    Jamil lanjar.(journalist Panoaqil)