Thursday, July 2, 2009


Khairpur city known as Khairpur Mirs is in Sind province. It main production is dates, wheat and cotton. It is on main National highway and linked with main railway line. It has a big textile mill namely Khairpur Textile Mill, which is lying closed since last three decades are so. It has two sugar mills.
It has a big date market.
It is also home district of Pir Pagaro and Pir of Ranipur.
Before fifties the city was the capital of the former princely state of Khairpur. This state was founded in 1783 and merged
into Pakistan in 1955 when One Unit was created by merging all the provinces and states into West Pakistan.
The city is a cultural center with fine historic buildings, notably the Faiz Palace, and
with several colleges and a University called Shah Abdul Latif University.
The district has strong labour movement during KTM days.
This city has produced two chief ministers- i.e. Syed Qaim ALi Shah and Syed Ghaus Ali Shah.

Among prominent literary figures Dr Tanveer Abbasi, Naseem Kharal, Mansoor mirani

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