Monday, July 13, 2009

Sawan Faqir

Sawan Faqir
A classical [[Sindhi]] poet who use to recite peotry a tupical Sindhi form- "Bait". His "baits" were much in lentgth.

He was Khaskheli by caste and born in village Shahdad Khaskheli near Nindo Shaher now disrict [[Badin]] in 1875-1870. Sawn Faqir used to graze cattle in his village. During drought of Chhapno he left Badin area and went to village Fazal Khaskheli where he started working as peasant with Wadero Khabbar Odejo in [[Juddho]] area.

His wife and two brothers died due to cholra spread in 1918.
[[Maula Bux Khaskheli]], [[Sidiq Faqir]] of village Ghulam Hussain Jamali Taluka Badin, Bachayo Faqir Todo Faqir of [[Odero Lal]] were among his students.

Ali Kahn Korai, Hassan Faqir Hingoro, Taji Khan Chandio used to sung his "Bait". While among Alghozo players were Muso Khaskheli, resident of village Kandri, near Rajo Khanani, Hussain Khaskheli village Kandri, Khabbar Khaskheli ( blind person) resident of Seenhao taluka Tando Bago, Faqir Gulo Othari of Badin.

== Reference ==
* Dr Nabi Bux Baloch's article on Sawan Faqir
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