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Syed Baqadar Shah of Matiari

Syed Baqadar Shah of Matiari

Date of Birth: 3rd Rabi-us-Sani, 1310 Hijri, 1893.
Place of Birth: Matiari.
Early education: In those days, there was no any school, he got early education from a teacher named Pir Bux Memon, and also taught Holy Quran.
1st Marriage: 1914
2nd Marriage: 1938
Political Life: He was also a member of Sindh Assembly, during his time he worked hard for developments for Matiari, he got approval the making of roads, and Schools, He also got efforts for establishing a Radio Station near Matiari, which is exist today. He remained president of Municipal for many years.
He became Chairmen of District Local Board, at that time Chief Minister of Sindh, Mr.: Ayoub Khoro, with his efforts the budget was also increased.
He was very close to Bhutto’s family. When Mr.: Zulifqar Bhutto founded his separate political party. Baqadar Shah invited him and also arranged ceremony.
Pir Baqadar Shah did two marriages,
By 1st marriage he had one son Pir Mohammad Zaman Shah, (he is dead) Zaman Shah was politician, social worker, Zaman Shah has two sons one is Pir Irshad Shah (a retired WAPDA officer, he has also written the history of tier saints) and another is Pir Irfan Shah (he is Deputy Superintendent of Police)

2nd marriage:-
Pir Baqadar Shah had 3 daughters one son that is Pir Noor Shah (Ex-Member of Provincial Assembly) he has been very active in politics. Noor Shah has 4 sons,
1. Pir Sodhal Shah (Ex-Taluka Nazim Matiari)
2. Pir Ameer Shah (Present MPA)
3. Azhar Shah
4. Ghulam Mustafa Shah.
He was the 10th Sajjada Nasheen.
Date of Death: 7th Rabi-us-Sani, 1394 Hijri, 20th April 1975, at the age of 84 years.

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