Monday, July 13, 2009

Riaz Sohail

Riaz Sohail is a journalist and political analyst and had contributed in three languages i.e. [[Sindhi]], [[Urdu]] and [[English]].
He was born in [[Hyderabad]], got primary education at Model School [[Sindh University]] and then joined Sindh University, got masters’ degree in Sociology.

Presently, Riaz Sohail is working as correspondent with [[BBC Urdu]] online and Radio since 2003 at Karachi. Earlier he had been working as freelance contributor to BBC Urdu online for two years.
He started his career in journalism in 1994 with [[Daily Kawish]], a leading [[Sindhi]] newspaper.
He contributed over one hundred articles, features, investigative and in-depth reports to Kawish

He covered drought disaster in [[Thar]], cyclone- A in coastal areas which was much appreciated.
Riaz has also worked with [[Aurat Foundation]] a national level organisation working for women’s rights and violence against women
Riaz has also produced some remarkable documentaries on Mai Jando of [[Tando Bahawal]] case, [[Thar coal]] and some other cultural issues for [[KTN]].

== References ==

- Training Workshops & Surveys

- Training on Broadcasting journalism at BBC London Office
- !5 days BBC Training on Online Journalism at Karachi in 2001
- One week training on feature writing and Reporting at Islamabad in 2002
- 15 days Media Training Course arranged by Information Services Academy, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Islamabad.
- Participated in training workshops and seminars on ournalism, organized by Hyderabad Press Club Takhleeq Foundation, Aurat Foundation and other organizations
- Participated in workshop against Child sexual abuse organized by SAHIL
- Participated in five-day Rural Development, Skills Development workshop arranged by Pakistan Press Foundation.
- Participated in workshop on Media and ICTs arranged by IUCN
- Participated in seminar on WTO / TRIPS & Food Security arranged by Takhleeq Foundation
- Participated in workshop on Grass-root Democracy under Friedrich-Naumnn-Ftifung
- Attended and participated dozens of seminars on social, economic, political cultural and development topics.
- Covered visits of foreign dignitaries i.e. L.K Advani’s week long detailed visit of Pakistan, Visit of Jaswant Singh and others.
- Covered programmes and functions of Prime minister and other high officials.
- Assembly session coverage
- Vast travel experience within country From Kashmir to Northern areas, Balochistan, Thar and coastal belt.
- Also visited London

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